Mail Delivery Rises Above Kokomo Tornado Devastation

Neither snow nor tornado… nothing keeps the Kokomo, Indiana postal workers from the quick fruition of their named rounds. Not by any means 165-mph winds from an EF3 tornado in August 2016 could stop these postal workers from guaranteeing each bit of U.S. Mail was dispatched for delivery.The tornado struck while Kokomo Postmaster Dennis Sweeney and huge numbers of his representatives were grinding usps pick up times  away. When he took in his own particular neighborhood had been struck by the tempest, the postmaster surged home. Upon entry he tragically found his family home had been lost.”My first response when I saw the house was to drop to my knees,” trace tracking number  the 31-year Postal Administration veteran clarified. “Three of the four dividers were no more. The house was totally uncovered. It was unfathomable. It was an immediate hit and the house was in shambles.”Turning his contemplations to his family, Sweeney was alleviated knowing his better half was sheltered at work, yet their pooch, Bella, was in the home at the time the tornado struck.”I thought our little puppy, was no more. At that point a neighbor came over with her in her arms. She had discovered Bella sitting on the quaint little inn her to her home,” Sweeney said. “It was absolutely a wonder!”

Genuine commitment to mail deliverySweeney then accomplished something very amazing, he settled on the choice to come back to work. As postmaster he knew his office was affected by the tornado and he was worried about the letter bearers who had been in the city conveying and those working in the building.”The power was totally out. We had reinforcement lighting yet that soon went. We were fortunate in light of the fact that we moved the vast majority of our operations to the dock where there was still sunshine, making it conceivable to get the remainder of the mail dispatched on the truck by 7:30 p.m.,” he said.While large portions of the Kokomo postal representatives likewise maintained serious harm to their homes and property, they all additionally returned to work and pitched in.”I was never as glad for my group as I was that night,” Sweeney said.Since the tornado, Sweeney has obtained another home with extraordinary arrangements for the now purge parcel where their old home once stood. “My better half and I have consented to give the part where our home had been to Territory for Humankind so they can give a chance to give somebody in need a home and keep the group going.”Each year, postal representatives go past the honorable obligation, some notwithstanding taking a chance with their own particular wellbeing to spare the lives of the clients they serve; such is the situation of this story of devotion of the postal workers of Kokomo, Indiana who came back to work in the wake of a catastrophic event.

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Employ Story : Most Important Delivery

In 28 years with the Postal Service, one delivery stands out in my mind as the most important delivery I have ever made.  It was a cold winter’s day in 1989 and I was delivering the cremated remains of a gentleman killed in the Lockerbie Scotland Bombing. My supervisor informed me that his wife and family were greatly anticipating his remains returned, and I should make it my first delivery.  Lockerbie was the first real terrorist incident that hit home for most folks, myself included.   I remember quite clearly walking up the stairs to their English Tudor home, shaking with cold and nervousness, unsure of the response that I was going to receive. I rang the doorbell with tears in my eyes, wondering how these folks would go on living with the knowledge that their relative’s life was taken away so horribly.When the door opened, the wife smiled and immediately put me at ease.  She took the package out of my shaking hands and thanked me profusely for being so professional about getting it to them so promptly.  I could not utter a single word!I walked down the walkway and got back into my truck with the knowledge that perhaps I can’t change the trajectory of their lives, but for one moment, I came through for them in such a way that brought them peace.  The peace in the knowing where their loved one was now finally home.

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Employ Story: $75,000 Stamps

One of the most interesting items that I have sold in my postal career was a book of stamps. It was one of the American Treasures stamp booklets. It was the third series in the set and it featured paintings by Mary Cassatt.This may not seem very interesting, but what happened in the days following the sale was very exciting. One day a regular customer came in to the Springfield, WV, Post Office and wanted to purchase a book of stamps. I asked him if he wanted any particular type of stamps. He replied, “No, whatever you have will be fine.” I picked up one of our newest books of stamps and sold it to the customer.A few days later he came back in and was very excited. He said that the paintings on the stamps looked very familiar. He began to tell me about a painting that he had purchased at an auction about 40 years ago. He said that the painting was in a very large ornate frame and he had bid $50. He was not the winning bidder. However, the winning bidder came up to him after the auction and asked if he wanted to purchase only the painting for $50. The winning bidder only wanted the beautiful frame. He did not know who the artist was but he just liked the way it looked, so he agreed to purchase the painting. He had it reframed and it has been hanging on his living room wall for all these years. He said that the little girl in the painting looked like one on one of the stamps.He took a closer look at the painting and discovered that it was indeed painted by Mary Cassatt.He contacted a friend at an auction house to authenticate the painting for him. It was indeed an original Mary Cassatt painting. He sold the painting to a museum in California for over $75,000. The customer thanked me for selling him that book of stamps. He said he would have never known about that painting if he hadn’t received that particular book of stamps.


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